Haraszti Winery

The Haraszti Winery has been producing wine throughout generations. The know-how and the love of growing wine and producing the best quality wines possible has been inherited from father to son for many decades.
The 4 Ha-s of land on the Weingarten Hill – which is one of the most valuable wine producing areas of the Villany wine region - has been a property of the family since the late 1800s.
The special microclimate of the region, the highest number of sunny hours per year and the art of wine producing developed to perfection over centuries result in one of the top quality wines of Europe awarded internationally every year.
的追求。该酒庄座落于维拉尼产区最珍稀的产酒区温加滕山下,占地40000平方米,自19世纪 晚期始成为家族产业沿袭至今。得益于得天独厚的气候条件和最充分的日照,加之日臻完美的 造酒工艺,该酒庄的葡萄酒凭其上乘品质蝉联欧洲国际酒业奖项。
我们的红酒仅采用橡木桶发酵的传统酿酒方式。从防虫到灌装,我们的唯一目标就是带给您无 尽享受。我们相信,只有最优质的葡萄、加上最悉心的人工照料才能够酿出最上乘的红酒。
家族中最有经验的的年长者负责种植和照料葡萄园,年轻人负责采摘,葡萄园就这样年复一年 的经历着种植到生长再到成熟。市场营销方式和分销渠道却常变常新,这便是我们年轻一代的 继承人责无旁贷的历史任务。